Using ImageMagick to create Webp images

Imagemagick is a swiss army knife for image manipulation available on Linux and windows. Webp is a new efficient format for images supported by most modern browsers

Basic usage

I have begun to use image magick on this block to compress some of the images. It can reduce the files size by up to 10 times. Here’s an example below using this image

Example image

Platform in autumn (c) Nicholas Waltham 2020

This original Jpeg file is 8522kb and was compressed using a command like this, and changing the quality and lossless parameters.

magick platform.jpg -quality 30 -define webp:lossless=false platform30.webp


Quality Lossless Size
30 false 729kb
50 false 990kb
80 false 1746kb
30 true 15043kb
50 true 15042kb
80 true 15042kb

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