Firefox one click download and KDE 4

The Problem: Firefox 1-click download doesn’t work under KDE 4

The KDE4 Evironment intercepts Alt-Mouse clicks before Mozilla Firefox receives them, so the 1-click download is never triggered

Recent versions of the popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox, have a very useful feature which allows you to save the contents of a link to a file, with just one click. Just click with the mouse on the link, while holding down the alt key on the keyboard, and, provided you have preselected the directory you wish to save you downloads in, the file will be downloaded and saved, no questions asked….

However, KDE 4, the popular desktop environment for Linux, also has a handy shortcut for moving windows around. Hold down, the Alt key while clicking and dragging your mouse around the screen will move the window around under the cursors. Now - I have to say I discovered this handy feature by accident! As you can imagine from the subject of this post, what I was really trying to do was use the on-click download feature of Firefox, and discovered it was totally blocked by this Alt-mouse click and drag feature of KDE

The Solution: Disable the KDE4 Alt-Mouse shortcut for window moving

How to disable the KDE Alt-mouse shortcut

  1. From the KMenu, select ‘System Settings’ this is under the ‘ Computer’ icon. Then click on ‘Window Behaviour’ as in the screenshot below:

KDE4 System Settings Window

  1. Select the ‘Window Actions’ tab and look down to the the second part of the window - the area titled ‘Inner Window, Titlebar & Frame’. For the option ‘Modifier Key + left button’ - Select ‘Nothing’ from the download box. See the screen capture below

KDE4 System Settings Window - Window Behavior Actions

  1. Make you have preselect a download directory in the Firefox options page:

Mozilla Firefox preferences window