AMANDA Cheat Sheet

AMANDA, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, is software for performing backups that allows the administrator to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts over network to multiple typos of media. It runs on POSIX style operating systems (such as Linux).

While the documentation is very good, I find myself performing some kinds of management operations fairly often outside the regular backups. Here is the Cheat Sheet I use.

I use the filesystem driver, and my backup set is called daily1. You should adjust the commands to suite your situation accordingly i.e. at the very least substitute the name of my backup set with yours :-)

Show the status of all backed up volumes

    amoverview daily -skipmissed -last

Remove a tape from the tape cycle?

    amrmtape daily daily15

Show a list of which tapes where written on which days.

    cat /etc/amanda/daily/tapelist

Count the number of tapes in circulation

    wc -l /etc/amanda/daily/tapelist

Flush everything to tape, don’t return until finished

    amflush -b -f daily

Switch the virtual tape to a selected one? See Also: http://www.amanda.org/docs/howto-filedriver.html

    amtape daily slot 14


    amtape daily slot next

Quickly label a tape overwriting any label that was there before.

    amlabel -f daily daily11 slot 11

Quickly read the contents of an amanda archive

    dd if=00007.backuped.up.server._workarea_awstats.0 bs=32k skip=1 | tar tvzf -

Force Level 0 Backups for a Server

    amadmin daily force server.to.backup.com /home /boot /opt /var /usr /